Exordium is the hub for innovation and excellence in the field of Science and technology for the inquisitive minds of youth in India. The annual Techno- Social fest of  MJPRU Bareilly is going to evolve into grandest of all. The ever increasing enthusiastic crowd, with distinguished guests of honour in the fields of Technology and innovation, and world-class tech at display makes the fest even more grandeur. With such repute at stake hospitality of our guests is premier to us.

The Hospitality team serves the purpose of catering to the needs and requirements of one and all. We make sure your stay in campus is holistic and comfortable, ensuring best accommodation for everyone is our prime aim.  Simultaneously your gastronomic urges are also taken care by the canteens and food courts serving food all day long. We constantly strive to make your experience a memorable one.

Hope to see you in Exordium 2018.

Accommodation Fees:

1. Accommodation fees will be Rs. 1600 (inclusive of all taxes and security deposit of Rs. 200) for an individual participant. Get an exclusive Exordium T-shirt with an additional payment of just Rs.150.

2. Mattresses and pillows will be provided to all the participants who have confirmed accommodation.

3. You need not stuff your backpacks with the same. However, participants need to bring their own blankets.

4. Food is not included in the accommodation fees which each individual has to manage via coupons/cash in the mess or canteen available in respective Hall of Residence.

5. Accommodation Fees includes:

- Accommodation facility

- Entry Passes to all Talks and Shows

- Participation in any 4 competitions

Note: Accommodation Fees doesn't include the workshop fees (i.e. Rs. 1400). The hospitality fees is compulsory for all the participants.

Check-in & Check-out details:

1. Check-in: 14th March 2018, 5 PM onwards

2. Check-out: 17th March 2018, till 7 PM (please note this is the last day for checkout)

**Please note that at any cost accommodation will not be provided before the above-mentioned check-in date and time.

Security Deposit Policy:

1. Security Deposit of Rs. 200 will only be refundable if the participant returns his/her respective HOSPITALITY Booklet back at the Hospitality Desk.

2. Refund Procedure will be online and the money will be refunded within 20 working days.

3. In case any damage was done to the property or things of Exordium/Institute the money will be deducted from the responsible participant's security deposit.

Refund Policy for Cancellation:

- All the refund requests have to be sent to [email protected]

- 35% cashback for all requests received till 13th March 2018.

- No refund requests are entertained after the specified dates.

Reaching MJPRU Bareilly  is fairly easy and hassle-free. The main modes of travel are cabs and auto rickshaws which are fairly cheap and frequent.

 From Bareilly Junction Railway Station to MJPRU Campus:

 -  Cabs and autos are easily available. It is preferred to exit through PF no. 1 of the Railway Station as the auto stand is adjacent to it.

From Bareilly Interstate Bus Stand(Satellite) to MJPRU Campus:

 -  You can also avail autos from here and the rates are Rs.5 (appx.)

 -  Shared autos can also be availed at a cheaper cost which may include break journey so please confirm the dropping point(MJPRU gate) beforehand.

Note: All the participants are required to directly report at the Hospitality desk in Events Ground(Adjacent to the Admin Block) as soon as they arrive at the campus for accommodation and registration purposes. Look out for directions in the campus to reach the hospitality desk.

1.  All the participants are advised to bring all the materials required for the event until unless Exordium ensures to provide you.

2.  All the participants are requested to be punctual while attending any Event/Talk/Show as no excuse will be given for the delay.

3.  Every participant is individually/solely responsible for his/her own belongings.

4.  It would be good if each and every participant cooperates with Exordium Organising Team and Security Guards regarding formalities.

5.  If any miscommunication arises please be patient and polite. Exordium Team will assure you in resolving it immediately.

6.  To be safe in the campus all the participants are requested to follow the Hospitality and Security guidelines with no violation.

7.  As Exordium will not provide blankets, participants are strictly advised to bring their own as the weather gets cold during the night in Bareilly.

8.  As the parking space available within the MJPRU  premises is very less, No permission will be entertained to accommodate the personal vehicle of the participant.

9.  Consumption of Alcohol, Smoking and any kind of Intoxicant within the MJPRU premises is strictly prohibited.

10.  Entering into restricted areas, Not maintaining cleanliness as well as silence in campus areas is not tolerable.

11.  Damaging Institute property and Gender Sensitivity issues will be taken very seriously.

12.  In the event of any untoward incident or misbehaviour of any kind, Exordium team reserves the right to take any punitive action as deemed necessary, even to the extent of confiscating the security deposit and registration fees, cancelling the participation of the concerned college, escorting them off the campus and sending a report of misconduct to the head of concerned institution.

Note: The above points are the outline of the code of conduct. Detail guidelines will be mentioned later.


1.  We are a group of friends not participating in any of the major competitions and just coming to Exordium to have fun. Would we be allowed?

       No, you can come to Exordium only if you participate in one of the events or workshops.

2. I have received the hospitality form, what should I do next to avail accommodation?

       No further step is required; just present the hard copy of the form when you report to the hospitality desk. The registration fee(Rs 1600) plus the security deposit (Rs. 200) is to be paid before you arrive at the campus for the festival (15th-17th March), mode of payment being online.

3. What is the procedure to be followed after we reach MJPRU Bareilly?

       -  You need to report to the Hospitality Desk adjacent admin block along with your college identity card and Aadhar card.

       -  You will have to produce the receipt of your online payment and a recent passport size photograph.

       -  In case of a big contingent, the contingent leader needs to present the ID cards of all the people in his contingent at the hospitality desk along with a list of all the people. Accommodation would be strictly on a shared basis.

4. My parents or professors want to accompany me, is this allowed?

       No, only the confirmed participants are allowed to enter the institute premises.

5. Can two participants be from different colleges in a team event?

       Yes, Exordium does not restrict cross participation from colleges in a team event.

6. Can I get accommodation on 13th March or before, although the festival starts from 15th of March?

       No, accommodation will be provided from the evening of 14th March. All the participants coming before can stay in hotels outside MJPRU Campus.

For any queries mail us at [email protected]